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We understand the uncertainties and excessive costs of “trials” to stabilize the soil and to keep ground water away during underground construction.

Hence, we developed the top technology and proven effective products in Germany and married with the best engineering in North America.

So that you can ASSURE Stable And Dry Ground & Structures, ENSURE Predictable Cost & Schedule, Contribute To

  • Lower The CO2 Footprint,
  • Conserve Resources,
  • Protect the Water Quality,

with EFFECTIVE Solutions that Are HARD FACT Proven and guaranteed as LONG LASTING as you require.

All At No Risk To You !



Thoroughly tested, certified and proven Systems for Ground Consolidation and Waterproofing.

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We provide professional, cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients.


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We are solution provider for ground consolidation, waterproofing and various construction with many years of experience.

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