Conservation of Structural Elements

Conservation of Structural Elements

AQUAPROTECT is a water born, solvent free, creamy like conservation agent based on silane. AQUAPROTECT is used for impregnation purposes on concrete against water, chlorides, de-icing salt and bases. Compared to common liquid products AQUAPROTECT offers a creamy consistency and is therefore more thixotropic. Due to this AQUAPROTECT can be applied within one work step (two are possible) at the required thickness.

The products penetrates within 30 minutes to a few hours into the concrete depending on its porosity. It cures and becomes a silicone-polymer. During this process the white color disappears fully. Due to the special material base of AQUAPROTECT the pores and capillaries stay open and permeable to water vapor.

  • 1 component – easy to apply
  • Impregnation purposes against water, chlorides, deicing salt and bases
  • Impregnation purposes against sewage, manure and chemicals

Recommended Systems


AQUAPROTECT is applied on big surfaces by means of airless pumps in the desired thickness. At small areas application can be done with spatula, brush or suitable roles.

Up to 400 gr./m² can be applied within one working step either on vertical or on horizontal concrete surfaces. A second application step is usually to required but possible to be done.

AQUAPROTECT® conservation for fresh and waste water structures

AQUAPROTECT® Conservation for biogas plants

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