Equipment and Accessories

Equipment and Accessories
Feed Pipe

Feed Pipe Coupler

  • Feed Pipe M 20 x 1,5 IT,
  • coupler DN 10,
  • Ø 12 mm
Feed Pipe Nipple

Feed Pipe nipple

  • Feed Pipe M 20 x 1,5 IT,
  • nipple DN 10,
  • Ø 12 mm
Ramming Pin
Ramming Pin Ramming Pin for feed pipe
Heat Gun
Heat Gun
Heat Sword
Heat Sword
SPACHTEL B3 metal spatular
Pressure Roller
Pressure Roller 150mm
Stopper Inner Thread M 8
Stopper Inner thread M 8 7 mm free passage, for cement injection.
Fast Click Stopper R1/2"
Fast Click Stopper R1/2″ ball valve R1/2″, Geka-coupling
Hose for bleeding air from injection hoses
Hose for Bleeding Air From Injection Hoses
Screw-in Connection
Screw-in Connection
Protective Box
Protective Box

Shutter-Plug for closing airbleed hoses

  • for hose inner ø 6 mm
  • for hose inner ø 10 mm
Shutter connectors and cover caps
Shutter Connectors and Cover Caps
Extension pipe
Extension Pipe M 8, Length 35mm, for shutter connectors for cement injection
Plastic Clips
Plastic Clips for fixing
Metal Clips
Metal Clips for fixing
Punsh Dowel for Metal Clamp
Punsh Dowel for Metal Clamp with hole diameter of 6,1 mm
Fixing Clamp
Fixing Clamp for fixing injection hoses on metal water stops.
Clamp to fix injectionhoses like MEDIPRESS, VPRESS and ECOPRESS to PVC water stops
Decorative Chips
Decorative Chips PU color chips for the decorative design of synthetic industrial flooring and seals.
Porcupine Roller
Porcupine Roller with splash guard
Spike Shoes
Spike Shoes for use in the application of synthetic processing of industrial flooring and leveling compounds.
Squeegee with adjustable height
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