Joint Profiles

Joint Profiles

PROOFMATE® knock-in profiles are compression seals based on elastomers for sealing joints. There are two types, depending on the type of elastomer used:

  • PROOFMATE® S; SBR pure rubber (SBR = styrene butadiene rubber)
  • PROOFMATE® E; Closed-cell EPDM foam (EPDM = ethylene-propylene diene-monomer)

PROOFMATE® S knock-in profiles are used in new construction and renovation for sealing of building section and movement joints, which are not exposed to weather (no direct UV or ozone exposure).

In contrast to this, due to the high weather, chemical, UV and ozone resistance of EPDM, PROOFMATE® E profiles can be used in joints exposed to weather chemically burdened joints.The sealing effect of PROOFMATE® knock-in profiles takes place due to the restoring force against the joint edges caused by the deformation of the profile during fitting. Additional gluing of the profiles, for example using FIX-O-FLEX or FIX-O-FLEX H is only necessary in special cases.

  • For pressure water tight sealing of dilatation joints from 17 up to 100mm
  • High restoring force due to internal structure (ribbing)
  • For horizontal and vertical joint sealing
  • Special profiles available
  • High chemical resistance against aviation fuel (Jet A-1) and deicer


Joint profiles for sealing of biogas plants

Upgrate of expansion joints with joint profil and acrylate gel injection

Upgrate of expansion joints with joint profiles and hydrophilic rubber

Upgrate of expansion joints with joint profile and membrane sealing

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