Membrane Sealing System

Membrane Sealing System

The PROOFMATE® FD-SYSTEM is a patented membrane sealing system for joints against pressurised water consisting of the system components PROOFMATE® FD foil and PROOFMATE ® F adhesive. The PROOFMATE® FD-SYSTEM is applied externally to the surface or joint to be sealed on both new and renovated structures. The main use of the PROOFMATE® FD-SYSTEM is the sealing of joints in precast concrete element walls against pressurised water.

The sealing of these joints through internally-located seal systems (e.g. waterstop, hydrophilic rubber, injection hoses) is considered extremely problematic for various reasons. On one hand, problems are frequently encountered during concreting, especially around the base slab/wall joint. On the other hand, the water can run around the internal seal by climbing up the joint between precast concrete shell and in-situ concrete core, and then penetrate the structure through any existing cracks in the in-situ concrete.

This is where we recommended the use of the PROOFMATE® FD-SYSTEM as an external seal against pressurised water, which prevents general penetration of water into the structure.

  • One step application
  • Application to damp and cold substrates is possible
  • Sealing of construction and dilatation joints where movement is expected
  • No danger of water infiltration through core concrete cracks

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