PCC Mortar

PCC Mortar

For restoration of structural elements in building construction where optical or functional insufficiency is obtained it is recommended to use PCC (polymer cement concrete) mortars. The skilled restoration of damaged concrete parts with these mentioned syntactically modified mortars serve the building to stay save and secure the longevity of the same.

Our PCC mortar system consist of primer, corrosion protection, mortars of different grain size as well as evaporation protection and surface defense agent. The PCC mortar “F2102 FV” shows high resistance to sulphate and is therefore recommended for application in sewage plants and chemically burdened places.

  • Corrosion protection and primer at the same time
  • Plastic properties like a fresh mortar, ideal for headfirst and vertical applications
  • Blended with synthectic additives
  • High compressive strength
  • Also processable with machine

Recommended Systems

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