Polymer Stabilizing Geoinjection

Polymer Stabilizing Geoinjection

Different injection materials are suitable for the stabilisation of dry and moist gravel and sand bases and hence to create ground stabilisation.

The injection procedure is accomplished with packers or injection lances directly into the areas to be strengthened and hardened. The hardened resin/sand mixtures are distinguished by their high rigidity and stability.

  • Penetrates even into fine sandy soils
  • Adjustable to soil conditions
  • Solidifying and sealing effect in one operation
  • Worldwide references available

Recommended Systems


By reason of its extremely low viscosity and its high mechanical stability in hardened condition RUBBERTITE® is very suitable for the compression and stabilisation of ground. A penetration of the ground is usually achieved via injection lances in this procedure. The hardened gel/sand mixture is distinguished by a high degree of rigidity and stability.

In the new construction of tunnels which are erected in tubbing sections or pipe drive, RUBBERTITE® is employed for the stabilisation of the ambient ground area in the new construction of tunnels. This is essential especially if repair work on the road heading machinery must be carried out or when leakage must be remedied in the region of the start and target shafts.

Ground stabilization – Gas Pipeline in Nature Conservation Area

Ground stabilization, Railway station, Königslutter

Ground stabilization JadeWeserPort, Wilhelmshaven

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