Geoform is your solution provider for construction disasters prevention, disaster recovery, problem-solving services; providing remedies for water/flowing ground leaks and ground stabilization/consolidation challenges, stopping water leaks, filling voids behind structures, essentially solving the existing problems caused by others in major heavy construction projects.Geoform brings the most effective and efficient German technology, materials, tools, machinery, and application know-how and combines with the North American construction experience, serving the GTA region from the Headquarters and five warehouses in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The company is currently expanding its services to the rest of Canada and the USA.

From disaster recovery to planning, design, application of successful, on time and on budget completed projects, the Geoform team takes pride in bringing efficient, lasting, and total cost-effective results with passion and energy to every step of the process. It is a philosophy that continues to drive its practical applications, proven with clients’ satisfaction.

What We Do


Thoroughly tested, certified and proven Systems for Ground Consolidation and Waterproofing.

Our Values and Culture

  • #Excellence We provide the right service and support to our customers and partners.
  • #Integrity We are honest, professional, and reliable in our work and relationships.
  • #Innovation We keep developing new and better technical and commercial solutions.
  • #Accountability We are providing quality products, customer satisfaction and trustworthy partnerships.

Our Vision

To help build the world of tomorrow!  With our experience, technical excellence, and innovative solutions of high-quality specialised products, equipment and services, we help our clients realise their challenging projects in the mining, tunnelling and construction industry.

Our Mission

To be the one-stop provider of innovative technical solutions with value-oriented products and services to clients and their projects.

Our Visionary Team

  • Kayhan Zirhlioglu
    Kayhan Zirhlioglu Chairman & CEO
    B.A. Business Admin

    University of North Carolina and Bogazici University A.A., MBA. He is a serial entrepreneur, managed to generate over a billion $ in global business.

    Kayhan has over 30 years of multi-industry experience and develops high performing multinational supply chain and collaborating network businesses.

  • Senol Tasdelen
    Senol Tasdelen Advisory Board Member
    B.Sc., MBA.

    Gazi University and Insead MBA. He founded ECE International Trade Inc. in 1981. ECE was acquired by FRESENIUS AG- Germany-USA global company in 1996.

    Senol managed Fresenius Medical Care as a Country Manager and CEO until the end of 2012 with annual sales of $150 million.

  • Ediz Vural
    Ediz Vural Technical Consultant
    Geotechnical Engineer, B.A.Sc.

    University of Hacettepe. He has over 30 years of experience working in the heavy construction industry as a Senior Geotechnical Design Engineer.

    Ediz has hands-on experience and has worked in various renowned projects in Canada and internationally.

Geoform TPH
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