Injection Technology

For the field of pressure injection, TPH offers the complete system – injection materials, injection pumps and injection accessories, such as quick cements for damming and injection packers. Innovative, modern and extensively tested injection materials based on polyurethane, acrylate, epoxy and micro-fine cement are the result of years of intensive research and development.

  • Injection of Grouting Hoses

    The systematically installed injection hoses into the construction joints get grouted after the atrophy of the concrete is finished. First setting of the concrete is presumed.

  • Crack Injection

    As crack injection shall be understood the filling of cracks in reinforced concrete buildings or brickwork by means of grouting with mineral based materials or resins.

  • Stopping of Water Inrush

    In the case of damp proofing work and renovation in the area of ingressing water, e.g. during tunnelling and in underground car parks, water frequently penetrates the construction through fissures and faults.

  • Curtain Injection

    The curtain grouting injection is employed whenever excavation is not possible for technical or cost-effective reasons or if cracked building components are subject to considerable movement.

  • Polymer Stabilizing Geoinjection (PSGi®)

    Different injection materials are suitable for the stabilisation of dry and moist gravel and sand bases and hence to create ground stabilisation.

  • Injection into Masonry

    In the case of injection into masonry the injection material is injected continuously via low pressure packers, which are in offset arrangement in the form of a grid, at low pressure (low pressure process). In this manner the faulty joints as well as the capillaries, pores and hollow cavities in the bricks are filled in with the injection material.

  • Injection Equipment and Accessories

    Injection equipment and accessories

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