Systems for Sealing Joints

When finished, concrete buildings often look monolithic (in one piece) but, as a matter of fact, they are made of individual segments. Usually it is unlikely for entire concreting works to be performed in single operations. Next to customary and known reasons in usual building process, unexpected disturbances, inauspicious weather conditions or delivery delays can play a major role in creating joints inbetween concrete pours.

  • Water-Swelling Rubber

    Hydrophilic rubber is used for sealing of construction joints against pressurized water in reinforced concrete structures.

  • Metal Water Stops

    Metal water stops which can be fixed to the upper reinforcement layer without requiring time-consuming concrete upturns.

  • Water Stops

    Waterstops are designed to be installed for sealing in construction and movement concrete joints.

  • Injection Hose Systems

    The grouting of injection hoses also provides the benefit of using the advantages of injection technology in new construction specifically for the sealing of construction joints.

  • Shutterings

    FERROLINK formwork and crack-control joint elements are a group of special sheet elements, which are used as permanent formwork.

  • Membrane Sealing System

    External seal against pressurized water, which prevents general penetration of water into the structure.

  • Joint Profiles

    Knock-in profiles are used in new construction and renovation for sealing of building section and movement joints.

  • Sealing and Bonding

    Universal choice of adhesives for special requirements.

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