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It starts from within each of us and when we bring our expertise together, we make a significant difference—for our team, for our customers and for our communities.
Do Work That Matters
Our core values, Excellence, Solutions and Results, are the basis for our decision-making, leadership, and culture. These are the principles that have fueled the growth of Geoform and continues to guide our future.
Environmental System Certification IS0 14000 Quality System Certification ISO 9001 Safety System Certification ISO 45001 Select TOP Subcontractor 2022 Select TOP Subcontractor 2023 COR Certified
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Geoform provides the world's most effective, innovative, and environmentally friendly underground construction solutions. We are a privately-owned company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2016, Geoform employs over 50 team members worldwide.
We are the leading, most effective solutions provider that handles water/flowing ground leaks and ground stabilization/consolidation challenges in major construction projects. At Geoform, we combine the most efficient German technology materials, tools, machinery, and application know-how with the North American construction experience.
From disaster recovery, to planning, design, and application of successful solutions for “predictable underground construction", the Geoform team takes pride in bringing efficient, lasting, and cost-effective results with dedication throughout the process. Our mission is one that continues to drive our practical applications throughout the GTA, and across North America.
Geoform cares about our team members and their families. We show this through commitment in ensuring a safe workplace, professional development and a culture of work/life balance.
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Our core values are like no other.

Effective and Efficient Solutions

We believe in the power and promise of our technology and engineering solutions to overcome the challenges our clients face in building underground structures and tunnels. Geoform's team thoroughly analyzes our clients' requirements and expectations to properly create an action plan that ensures an optimum solution for their underground construction projects.

Social Responsibility

We believe that businesses must be more responsible for resource conversation by fostering efficiency and seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

The A-Team
The A-Team


Our colleagues are to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. Geoform promotes a culture of trust through the transparency of company goals and expectations. Our policies provide guidelines that inform how we treat our employees and how they should engage with one another. We believe in creating a stimulating environment that engages all employees, drives innovation, and fosters a culture of inclusion and respect. Geoform extends our commitment to respect by striving to create equitable pay practices. Compensation for performance is the cornerstone of our "Collaborative Thrive vision" philosophy as it applies to salary and other rewards.

Meet The Team

This is a special collection of human beings. Uniquely talented, expertly skilled and passionately dedicated, you bet. But they have that 'something extra' ... that magical enigmatic X-factor that can only be described as "heart". They care—deeply and passionately: about their work, our mission and each other.

  • Kayhan Zirhlioglu

    Kayhan Zirhlioglu Chairman/CEO

  • Vince Reynolds

    Vince Reynolds Project Manager

  • Deniz Dincer

    Deniz Dincer Project Manager

  • Fabrizio Mariani

    Fabrizio Mariani Operations Manager

  • Cankat Zirhlioglu

    Cankat Zirhlioglu Business Process Manager

  • Alp Oner

    Alp Oner Business Development Executive

  • Jeanine Pippitt

    Jeanine Pippitt Marketing Executive

  • Sudhir Joshi

    Sudhir Joshi Strategy Officer

  • Irem Unal

    Irem Unal Business Methods Engineer

  • Ece Oz Torer

    Ece Oz Torer Process Method Engineer

  • Natalie Cuei

    Natalie Cuei Business Control Analyst

  • Taarika Salariya

    Taarika Salariya Executive Assistant to the CEO

  • Ediz Vural

    Ediz Vural Technical Consultant

  • Kaan Gurer

    Kaan Gurer Research & Development Analyst

  • Sinan Uzer

    Sinan Uzer Sales Support and Logistics Manager

  • Daniel Pritchard

    Daniel Pritchard Application Materials Coordinato

  • Tyler Partington

    Tyler Partington Logistics Specialist

  • Keith Holdsworth

    Keith Holdsworth Senior Technical Consultant

  • Hakeem Dinnall

    Hakeem Dinnall Technician

  • Dedni Dorante

    Dedni Dorante Technician

  • Dominick Brown

    Dominick Brown Technician

  • Juan Moreno Vargas

    Juan Moreno Vargas Technician

  • Sergio Cruz

    Sergio Cruz Technician

  • Sergio Cornejo

    Sergio Cornejo Technician

  • Francisco Robledo

    Francisco Robledo Technician

  • Brendan Lamorandiere

    Brendan Lamorandiere Technician

  • Jimmy Vera

    Jimmy Vera Technician

  • Cristian Trujillo

    Cristian Trujillo Technician

  • Cristhian Manchola

    Cristhian Manchola Technician

  • Jerome Rosati

    Jerome Rosati Technician

  • Chris Metcalfe

    Chris Metcalfe Technician

  • O-Hyun Kwon

    O-Hyun Kwon Technician

  • Ryan Sanita

    Ryan Sanita Technician

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