Small, light dual component, stainless steel injection pump with separate rinsing piston for processing acrylate gels.

The conveyance of A and B components is implemented by a pneumatic motor, which drives both material pistons. This results in a forced pumping capacity of 1:1. The external rinsing pump (for the pumping of water and/or flushing agent) is used for the cleaning of the injection head, whip and packer. In this way, acrylate gels with very low pot-life can be processed reliably.

  • For acrylate gels
Technical Data
Engine gear ratio air motor
~ 1 : 10
Working pressure
0 – 100 bar
Mixing ratio
1 : 1
Volume flow per double stroke
50 ml
Maximum flow rate
~ 7-8 l/min
B 50 cm x T 25 cm x H 82 cm
~ 30 kg
Effective air demand
250 l/min
Compression head
2-link mechanics

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