Foaming, quick reacting, 2K Polyurethane based resin

  • For stopping of inrushing water
  • For sealing of breakthroughs at pipelines
  • Pressurised water-proof
  • For filling of cavities ( < 1m3)
  • For solidifying of soil and gravel
Mixture of A-and B-Component
Processing temperature
5 – 40°C (substrate temperature)
Viscosity of mixture (23°C)
~ 240 mPas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Mixing ratio A : B
1 : 1 (parts by volume)
Reaction Data at 23°C
Start of foaming
~ 20 s (ASTM D7487)
With Catalyst
~ 45 s (ASTM D7487)
End of foaming
~ 30 min
Properties After Curing
Vol. exp. factor
~ 13 – 15 (ASTM C1643)
Bulk density
~ 71 kg/m3 (DIN EN ISO 845)
Compressive strength
~ 2,0 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12190)

Plugging / Sealing

F2700 Expansive Mortar

For sealing off drill holes up to Ø 50 mm as well as big cracks and break outs.

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