Rapidly reacting, thixotropic 2-component silicate-based resin

  • Rapid reaction
  • Thixotropic (no flowing away, overhead processing possible)
  • Very good adhesive properties
  • Particularly rapid strength development
  • No mixing with water
  • Cures unfoamed

Ideal for particularly fast and high-strength fastening of anchors such as injection drill anchors or GFK rod anchors in mining and tunnelling, even in challenging ground conditions


Safety is often a question of speed, especially when anchoring in challenging and even water-bearing soils. However, mineral grouts are very slow, require a lot of equipment and rinse away very easily in running water.

To show you how fast and high-strength you can work with our thixotropic SOLID SEAL TX in anchor grouting, we have thought up some experiments in our Technikum. What do you think: How long does it take to lift a concrete block weighing over 1.2 tons on a freshly bonded anchor? Fifteen days? Fifteen hours? Or is SOLID SEAL TX even faster? Find out in our video!

Mixture of A-and B-Component
Processing temperature
15 – 30°C (substrate temperature)
Viscosity of mixture (23°C)
~ 200 mPas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Mixing ratio A : B
1 : 1 (parts by vol.)
Reaction Data at 23°C
String gel time
~ 60 s (ASTM D7487)
Final curing
~ 20 min
Properties After Curing
Compressive strength
~ 25 N/mm2 (DIN EN 1219
~ 75 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Tensile strength
~ 6,0 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at break
~ 10% (DIN EN ISO 527)

Injection Equipment

TPH Inject PS 25-II

Well proven, 2 Component Injectionpump, air driven for Polyurethane and Silicate resins

TPH Inject PS 5-II

Well proven, 2 Component Injectionpump, air driven for Polyurethane and Silicate resins


Mobile battery-operated dispenser for the use of double-chamber cartridges with 2 x 750 ml content with a mixing ratio of 1:1.

Feed Pipe

For grouting in soil, gravel

Piling Injection Spear
  • Length 1000mm
  • External G1/4″ thread
Piling Injection Spear HD
  • Injection Pipe
  • Length 1000mm
  • Wall thickness 5mm
  • OD 20mm
Quadromixer F-Connector
  • Quadromixer MFQ 08-32D 1:1
  • White, straight nozzle

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