PROOFMATE® F Surface Adhesive

System component of the PROOFMATE® FD System. Single-com-ponent mastic adhesive and sealing compound based on SPO. (SPO = Silane Terminated Polypropylenoxide)

  • For surface adhesion of PROOFMATE® FD membrane to the structural component,
  • For surface adhesion of film-/film-over-lapping,
  • For edge sealing between PROOFMATE® FD membrane and structural element and in addition for overlapping.
PROOFMATE® F Surface Adhesive
Technical Data
Material basis
Spec. density (23°C)
~ 1,5 g/cm3 (DIN EN ISO 2811-1)
Dyn. viscosity (23°C)
~ 2000 Pas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Reaction Data at 23°C
Processing temperature
5 – 40°C (substrate temperature)
pH value
~15 min (ASTM C679)
Max. grain size
~ 3 mm/24 h
Cured adhesive
Tensile strength
~ 1,3 N/mm2 (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at break
~ 350 % (DIN EN ISO 527)
Shore A hardness
~ 40 (DIN ISO 7619-1)
Temp. resistance
-30 bis +80°C
Adhesion to concrete
> 1,65 N/mm2 (DIN EN 1542)
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