Okertalsperre (D) – Sealing Under Water

Okertalsperre (D) – Sealing Under Water


The Okertalsperre dam, completed in 1956, had become leaky over the years in the entire area of the construction joints. The PROOFMATE FD System was used for efficient renovation – for bonding even on wet substrates, even under water, even in a depth of 18 metres.

For easy assembly under water, a rectangular metal support was built, which was prepared above water with PROOFMATE FD membrane and adhesive. This was then handed to the diver who, underwater, was able to stick the membrane with the adhesive directly onto the joint.

Recommended Product


Sealing membrane based on EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Thickness: 1 mm.

  • High elasticity even at low temperatures
  • High compressive strength due to vulcanisation

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