Ready to use dry mixture based on cement

  • For structural anchorage of rock bolts in underground and tunnel constructions and for securing of excavations, rocks and slopes
  • For closing of cross joints in reinforced concrete structures
  • For structural installation of retrofitted connecting reinforcement
  • For injecting and grouting and filling joints, cracks and holes
  • For injection into grouting hoses (possible to grout this injection hose up to a length of 30 m)
  • Non-shrinking
Substance data
Processing temperature
5 – 30°C (substrate temperature)
pH value
11 – 13,5 (DIN EN ISO 10523)
Max. grain size
0,125 mm
Reaction Data at 20°C
~ 60 min
Swelling degree
0,5 % (24 h)
Hardened mortar properties: liquid consistency 32% of water
Compr. strength
~ 85 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-3)
Bending tensile strength
~ 8,0 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-5)
Hardened mortar properties: Konsistenz 22% Wasser
Compr. strength
~ 92 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-3)
Bending tensile strength
~ 9,5 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-5)

Injection Hoses


Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC with ribbed surface

  • Also with 10 mm inner-Ø for special requirements and overlength up to 30 m
  • Good locking into concrete

Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC with ribbed surface

  • Good locking into concrete
  • Overlenght approved up to 20 m

Packer / Feed pipes

Packer for Injection Hoses

For screw-in the bleeding air hose

Metal Packer

For grouting acrylate gels, polyurethane and epoxy resins

Feed Pipe

For grouting in soil, gravel

Plugging / Sealing


Liquid to viscous Polyurethane based adhesive for plugging or fixing adhesion packers


Mineral-based rapid bonding cement for rapid curing and plugging during injection

F2700 Expansive Mortar

For sealing off drill holes up to Ø 50 mm as well as big cracks and break outs.

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