Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC (PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride) with ribbed surface for better locking into concrete

  • For sealing construction joints in reinforced concrete structures
  • Suitable for grouting with microfine cement, acrylate gel and polyurethane resin
  • Can be multiple injected with microfine cement and acrylate gel
  • Also with 10 mm inner-Ø for special requirements and overlength up to 30 m
Technical Data
Inner channel round, outer skin grooved
Material basis
Light foamed PVC
Outer diameter
13 mm or 16 mm
Inner diameter
6 mm or 10 mm


Packer for Injection Hoses

Water pressure tight connection

Stopper Inner Thread M8

7mm free passage, for cement injection.

Fast Click Stopper R1/2

Ball valve R1/2″,

Hose for Bleeding Air From Injection Hoses
Screw-in Connection
Protective Box

For closing airbleed hoses

  • For hose inner ø 6mm
  • For hose inner ø 10mm
Shutter Connectors and Cover Caps
Extension Pipe

M 8, Length 35mm, for shutter connectors for cement injection

Plastic Clips

For fixing

Metal Clips

For fixing

Punsh dowel for metal clamp

With hole diameter of 6,1 mm

Fixing Clamp

For fixing injection hoses on metal water stops.


To fix injection hoses like MEDIPRESS, VPRESS and ECOPRESS to PVC water stops

Recommended Grout


Rubber-elastic, 3 C acrylate gel, multi purpose applicable

  • Very low viscous acrylate gel with high flexibility
  • Very good penetration, even in water filled cracks
  • Long term stable. Proven stability of at least 16 years

2-component injection resin based on polyurethane

  • Officially approved system
  • Proven against water pressure of 7 bars
  • Approved for use in CHF and LMSS plants

2-component high flexible injection resin based on polyurethane

  • Universal and economical
  • Highly flexible < -50°C

Single-component injection material based on extra-fine cement

  • Very high compressive-strength
  • For injection in cracks above 0.2 mm

Ready to use dry mixture based on cement, non-shrinking.

  • For injection in cracks above 0.375 mm
  • Non-shrinking
  • For VPRESS® injection hose with 10mm inner-Ø

Injection and anchor mortar

  • Does not shrink
  • Is easy to process
  • Frost protected

Injection hoses for sealing of biogas plants

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